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RAW Series 911  (Radically Altering Worldview) is a platform for information revealing never before released information regarding the nature of this reality and your place in it.  Here you will find information that will demystify and decode this entire paradigm as it relates, and is applicable, to the human point of focus; that being you. This comprehensive, no holds barred, no holding back Series has three goals:

1. To assist humans in understanding the 4th dimensional physics that are the basis for this You-Create-Your-Own-Reality platform upon which our entire human existence is built,

2. To provide practical ways to apply this understanding as we navigate through the most urgent, turbulent, chaotic, and for many fearful, times that humanity has ever experienced yet are now staring us in the face, and

3. To explain why it is necessary to know this if we are to survive the next step in human evolution.





There are no events at this time.


"Sandra’s class challenged me to grow in my self-awareness and to exist authentically in this world.  Her alignment with the advanced knowledge she teaches is clear as is her masterful guidance and application of this powerful material in the lives of her students.  I highly recommend to anyone who feels called to accelerate their own progress and understanding of our human existence, learn what you can from Sandra." 


—  Ryan, Japan

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