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In Their Words

"Sandra’s class challenged me to grow in my self-awareness and to exist authentically in this world.  Her alignment with the advanced knowledge she teaches is clear as is her masterful guidance and application of this powerful material in the lives of her students.  I highly recommend to anyone who feels called to accelerate their own progress and understanding of our human existence, learn what you can from Sandra."  

Ryan, Japan


"Sandra’s ‘Cracking the Consciousness Code Intensive’ is some of the most powerful and life altering work that I have found to date. I have been involved in self awareness work and going down the “rabbit hole” for over 2 1/2 decades and I can tell you that this work is on the cutting edge. Highly recommended for anyone desiring to “wake up” and have the powerful tools to navigate through the veils of illusion on this journey. You will truly be “seeing” things differently after investigating this great body of work." 

Jeff, Thailand

“When this work finds you, know you are ready at a deeper level than what the conscious mind can initially identify with. This may be confusing in the beginning.  However, more clarity is realized as you progress. Free will is always respected and honoured and going at your own pace is preferred. Relying on intuition and inner guidance is key as our intellect can at times override True Intelligence. Sandra is a Master at what she does.  She unconditionally provides opportunities/resources to identify and bring forth true potential that exists within every single person. Sandra's loving energy is rooted beyond this dimension which allows her to help others connect to their own inner strength that they probably didn't even know they had.”  

Pratesh, Markham

“I am extremely grateful and honoured to have met Sandra and been introduced to her material.  Her words truly resonate with me. I cannot thank her enough for sharing her extremely powerful, inspiring and helpful information.  She has given me the strength, motivation and tools to transform.  I highly recommend her work for those who are looking to expand their current awareness on how things work here on planet earth.  Sandra works tirelessly to explore, investigate and develop this amazing course.  I have enormous respect for Sandra and her work. Thank you for having the guts to do this!”  

Bella, Toronto

“Doing this work is the finest gift I have ever received. Clearing karma is my life purpose and I am moving forward along the path of no return.”  

Martha Erickson, Denver

“Just reporting that I've been doing as you instructed re: nightmares. I've had some doozies lately and when I awake in a sweat and a panic, I do the Work and boom, the emotion (the fear of abandonment, the terror, the disgust - whatever is the flavour of the moment) is gone.  It's literally like it gets squashed, neutralized, is no more.  It actually surprises me how quick it is.  I used to be haunted by these kinds of nightmares - sometimes into the next day.  Thank you for the teaching and the practical work.  Things are indeed speeding up.”  

Marianne McGregor, Toronto

“Thank you thank you thank you, I cannot say it enough, what a gift you are.  I have had bouts of vertigo since taking your class. Last night I felt a small crack of light seeping into my Consiousness and I finally got a glimmer of how to proceed ... now all I need to do is  DO IT.  It will be months before I can assimilate all this information, to be honest years, mind blowing , which is the point.”  

Claire, British Columbia


“The course material covers the intersection of spirituality with an insightful and counter-cultural world view in a highly effective, entertaining and interactive way. The views and understandings expressed are consistent with current channeled wisdom, with additional depths, illustrations, and examples that make the understanding accessible to people and allow the teachings to dance. 


With her positive enthusiasm and upbeat delivery, Sandra keeps the room alive by switching from deeper drill downs in some areas to practical techniques to changing your life through intention. I received and practiced practical, easy, spoken techniques to change my beliefs and behaviour. They really worked in my life. Many others reported personal progress from week to week. 


Being in the room surrounded by the high vibration and energy from Sandra and the other participants had an uplifting effect on me that persisted between the classes.

I agree with Sandra’s recognition that if you’re drawn to Sandra’s messages and presence, you’ll find substantial value in participating.”  

Rick, Toronto

“I simply loved the classes.  Sandra’s teaching style of patience and understanding allowed a deeper connection to the material and to each other. Thanks for showing me, ME.”  

Cherry, Mississauga

“I'll be brief and blunt here - this is the BEST program I have ever taken, it changed my entire Life. I am not the man I was even 18 months ago.” 

Jeff, Texas

“OMG, I wish I were there to tell all the new students about how incredible this journey is going to be.  Buckle up guys, you're about to embark on a journey that will take you to places you've never visited within yourself before.

“Sandra, I renewed myself when I completed the course, I faced the fear for the first time in my life, at least I now know where a feeling comes from.  I am aware of myself when I judge people, and can step out of my thought process and see it from a different perspective - that was tough initially.  Thank you very much for all the beautiful work you do, Sandra.” 

Priya, Toronto

“My life is forever changed. I am forever grateful.” 

Joy, Oshawa

“I just wanted to express my complete appreciation and gratitude for your work. It is so amazing and wonderful! For me, you have been the voice outside my own head confirming my feelings and “knowings” that I experience when no one else could!” 

Marley, North Carolina

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